Typical dishes in Belgrade

Dishes in Belgrade
Typical dishes in Belgrade

If you are looking for varied cuisine, dishes offering several flavors following the seasons and your desires, or if you want to change, to taste a new dish every day or to follow a diet, the cuisine of Belgrade meets all these criteria.

A fresh gastronomy ranging from balanced dishes, light of calories, there is something for all tastes. With nuanced fragrances and many natural ingredients including different spices. For short, the typical dishes of Belgrade are a mix of continental and various influences, worth trying.

An unequaled cuisine

The typical dishes of Belgrade are mainly traditional. In addition, for lunches, there is kaymak, burek, pljeskavice which are very succulent and served in all restaurants in the city. The dishes are light on weekdays and huge on weekends. That is why it is quite possible to follow a diet during your stay in Belgrade. Let's go back to the typical traditional Belgrade dishes that are: 

  • Ajvar: seasoned with red peppers, garlic and oil. In restaurants, it is served with slices of bread as a starter or accompaniment to a meat. 
  • Cevapcici or Cevapi: small beef rolls, specially cooked over a wood fire and served with onions as a starter or to be nibbled during tea breaks. 
  • Gibanica: a medium-sized puff pastry stuffed with cheese and eggs. Burek is the same except that it is made of minced meat and onions. 
  • Corba: the famous vegetable soup with slices of mutton, chicken, pork or fish depending on the region and the fresh produce available.

Easy to prepare dishes

The best opportunity to share one's day and discuss about one's concerns or to get to know people more is over a shared meal. This special moment for eating and chatting can be like a moment of celebration and its memory can stay engraved forever, especially if the food is really good.

The typical dishes of Belgrade are simple to prepare because the products are simple to find in the market. Fresh products from organic farms can be found in several parts of Belgrade. For home-made cooking, you can concoct srpska zakuska, a deli meal as an appetizer and as a main dish, with smoked meats.

To top it off, you can share walnut cakes or strawberry puddings. By the way, if you are invited, a spoonful of slatko is usually served with a glass of water, a way for the Serbs to welcome you. We must not forget the Serbian brandy called rakija. Its name can change depending on the ingredients.

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