Belgrade by night : the best views

Belgrade by night
Belgrade by night : the best views

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia. Being the largest city, it has a population of approximately 1,170,000. It is famous for its friendly, vibrant nightlife. In fact, Belgrade has the best nightlife in Europe. The most renowned night attractions are the barges which are large pleasure boats along the Danube and Sava rivers. Moreover, Belgrade is endowed with friendly nightclubs, good restaurants or kafana, as well as cosmopolitan bars with serve cheap drinks.

Every weekend, Belgrade is populated with visitors who come from other cities and countries to have a good time. Laxity in nightlife regulations encourage people to spend their nights in Belgrade. Even more, language barrier has never been an issue in Belgrade regardless of your origin. Therefore, Belgrade is an amazing place to spend your nights.

Let us explore Belgrade by night. This guideline from eDreams shows you the best views in Belgrade at night.

Nightlife in Belgrade

Belgrade has a fascinating nightlife. From partying to eating out, you will never feel like going home before dawn. The nightlife is so amusing! To have a good time with your friends, you can:

  •  Go around the Bohemian quarters of Skadarlija.
  •  Visit a jazz club: Sinnerman Jazz Club is a popular venue.
  •  Go to the most prestigious nightclubs in Belgrade with a free online booking.

And if you like to hang out with friends, Belgrade has more for you:

  •  Have a party. Belgrade is a reputable venue for party goers.
  •  Eat out: Belgrade is home to many restaurants which serve good food. Casa Nova restaurant is a popular venue for romantic dinner. The best and most popular restaurants are located along Skadar Streets.
  •  Hang out with friends and drink at a bar. Have a good time with your friends! Royal Lounge Nargila Bar is among the best venue.

The best views at night

Belgrade is beautiful at night. The view of Belgrade's high rise landmarks is so breathtaking that you have always wanted to hang out with your friends for the whole night. To see the sights at night, here are some tips for you:

  •  Enjoy the view of the most popular landmark: Belgrade Palace Tower.
  •  Visit the Church of Saint Sava, the largest Orthodox Church in the world.
  •  Go around the Museum of Contemporary Art or The Nikola Tesla Museum.
  •  Visit the Belgrade Fortress, which is a beautiful sight at night. It is a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance (1979). Admission to the Fortress is free.
  •  Go to Freestyler, the most popular nightclub in Belgrade. You can book online free of charge from your hotel.

Plan your trip to Belgrade

Belgrade by night is an incredibly beautiful tourist attraction. The view of the city at night is breathtaking, and the city has a lot of fascinating activities to offer. To find the most suitable activities in Belgrade, you can start by browsing for information on the internet. For more practical advice, you can visit the eDreams website. As an online travel agency, it can facilitate your flight and accommodation booking from your homeland to Belgrade. You can also book by phone through eDreams.